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Dear Fellow Profit Seekers,

If you’re anything like me, you receive emails every day offering you the latest shortcut to betting riches. And if you’re as tired of it as I am, hopefully what I’m about to share with you will be like a breath of fresh air.

I’m going to let you in on some little known angles that when used in tandem make up an entire betting portfolio on their own. Not only that, I’m going to show you just how easy that portfolio would be to operate and how much money it could potentially put in your pocket.


But before we get to that…let’s face some hard facts about making long-term betting profits.

FACT - Making your betting pay is a really tough proposition.

FACT - More than 95% of punters can’t do it.

FACT - You don’t see many poor bookies!


That is also a


I personally make my betting pay year after year.


But, believe me, in the beginning things were very different!


I got the betting bug from an early age, the smoky shops where huge rolls of banknotes changed hands were fascinating to me. Seeing the big winners was exciting and some people seemed to win consistently.


Unfortunately I wasn’t one of them.


As I grew older, I started reading every book available about profitable punting.


I bought countless systems – most of them were complete rubbish. I’m sure you’ve been there yourself. They claim to be able to deliver the earth – and deliver nothing but more losses!


I subscribed to tipsters hoping to fill in the missing information element –

most were worse at picking than I was! There are a lot of so-called tipsters out there – you might have given them some of your hard earned as well – and the vast majority know no more than your average betting shop mug punter.


Anything you can think of that might give an edge – I tried it. Pace ratings, speed figures, form ratings, complicated software – the whole lot!


And the result of all these hours of study and thousands of ’s spent?


I barely got past break even!


Sure, I had a tiny edge but all that produced was consistently tiny profits!


I dread to think what my hourly rate was for those years – I was spending anything between 30 and 50 hours a week studying to make approximately 1,000 a year in profits!


Not the greatest use of my time and money...


Yet still I ploughed on.


At this point I was still deep in the red with the bookmakers overall – the tiny profits I was achieving since I started taking my betting more seriously weren’t even coming close to balancing out the losses from my years of “fun punting”.


And then I discovered the internet...


I would still have been plugging away, giving up all my free time for little reward if it wasn’t for the internet. Suddenly vast quantities of historical data were at my fingertips.


I started delving into these reams of information, and slowly the realisation dawned on me, detailed analysis of historical results data could identify little known, but highly profitable trends.


I started testing a few of those trends with real money.


And they worked!


Encouraged, I purchased access to an expensive private database and began the enormous task of trawling through years and years of past historical data.


I studied the work of other stats and trends fanatics. I purchased their products. And finally, eventually I started making some decent money from my betting – not a living but a decent second income.


Over the years since then I’ve refined my research methods, gained access to better, more usable data and my second income has increased year on year.


And I’m proud to say that since 2006 the profits produced from my betting have been my primary source of income! I packed in my day job, waved goodbye to my wonderful boss and became a...

...Professional Gambler

That brings us fully up to date and now I’m going to let you in on a secret that could transform your betting.


About eight months ago I embarked on a mammoth piece of research that looked in minute detail at the performance of every Jump Jockey riding today. In case you don’t know, jump jockeys ride in National Hunt races – normally hurdles or steeplechases, but occasionally special ‘flat’ races too.


Every spare moment I’ve had has been spent poring over my database searching out ways in which profits can be made from following certain jockeys under their optimum conditions.


What I found is nothing short of...




I’ve called the manual I’ve produced from these angles:

Jump Jockey Profits

 I’ve identified the ‘hidden’ angles that the bookmakers overlook.

Who are the up and coming jockeys that the bookies consistently underestimate?

I’ve found the races that certain jockeys seem “programmed” to win. 

Who prefers handicaps to non-handicaps? Whose performance plummets in chases?

I know when each of these jockeys are “primed and ready to go”
Who rides winners more easily at Taunton? Who struggles riding in handicap chases?

These ‘hidden’ angles have found winners at 100/1 (twice three times), 66/1 (SIX times!), 40/1(twice), 25/1 (five times) and many, many more big priced winners.

I’ve spent months unearthing these angles, days trawling through databases analysing the performance of hundreds of jockeys. I’ve carefully stripped away the dross and left you with just the cream of these jockey’s rides


I can tell you now if you’d followed each of these angles since January 2008 to 100 win stakes you would have made….


Tax Free Profits of 144,525


Maybe 100 stakes are a little strong for you to begin with, but even to just 10 stakes, this portfolio of jockey angles would have netted you:

3587.83 in 2008, 4587.70 in 2009 and a massive 6219.20 so far this year! Let’s look at those figures in a little more detail month on month.
2008 table 2009 table 2010 table

* The carefully selected jockeys I’ve included in Jump Jockey Profits mean we can exploit these angles all year round not just during the National Hunt Season.

I don’t know of any betting system that turns a profit every single month but 28 winning months from 34 looks pretty good and would have netted you an average of 420 per month using 10 stakes.


What would you do with an extra 420 per month?

Treat the family to an extra couple of luxury holidays a year? Get yourself a better car? Pay off some of your debts? I don’t think you need me to tell you how to spend your money or just how useful this kind of extra income could be!


Even if you'd started with a betting fund of as little as 200 it would have grown to 1645.25 over the past 34 months.

Growth of more than 800% in less than 3 years!

To put it in perspective, if you’d started with a 2000 pot and staked 10 per bet it would now be 16,452.


20,000 would have become 164,525.


You certainly wouldn’t get that kind of growth if you stuck your hard-earned cash in a savings account!


And remember all these figures are at industry starting price, you could easily have used Betfair SP or a morning price from the bookmakers to boost your profits even further!

Have you always thought that capital growth like this only comes from using high risk strategies? Well, that is where the “portfolio effect” comes into its own. I have deliberately selected jockeys who are well known (and therefore mostly on the favourites) alongside some not so well known pilots (who normally get to ride the big priced horses which are “perceived” to have little or no chance of winning.) In effect this means we are identifying bets across the full spectrum of prices – some favourites, some outsiders – and as a result we have a steady stream of short priced winners to keep things ticking over while we wait to hit the big price jackpots. 

*******************STOP PRESS!******************

On 18th November, one of the angles in Jump Jockey Profits pinpointed a horse called Tiptronic that ran in the 1.00pm at Hereford. Friendless in the market Tiptronic went off at a starting price of 100/1….


And Won!


Even better than that, Tiptronic’s Betfair starting price was



The screen shots below show that I actually achieved a price of 400 3 minutes before the race went off and a place price of 49.21
Betfair screenshot1
Betfair screenshoot 2

To put that win in perspective, if you had backed Tiptronic with a level 10 win stake you would have won 4000. From one bet. From just one of the angles in Jump Jockey Profits.

*******************STOP PRESS!******************

So what is Jump Jockey Profits?

 A manual containing more than twenty ultra profitable jockey angles.

Angles that have..... produced profits of 144,525 in less than 3 years
Angles that have..... found myriad big priced winners!
Angles that..... expose the jockeys that are consistently under-rated by our friends the bookmakers

What more could you ask for?

How about a service that emails the selections to your inbox daily? And in good enough time that you can place your bets! Don’t underestimate the importance of this. Although, once you have purchased the manual, it is perfectly possible to find the selections yourself, this can be rather time-consuming. Let my service take the strain for you.

Not only that, as part of the membership service you gain access to my professional expertise in optimising the strategies, monitoring and reviewing the continuing profitability of the angles and, crucially offering detailed staking advice. This part of the service is priceless. I will be spending my days ensuring that the angles we are using remain profitable. I will regularly introduce new angles and remove any that are underperforming.

How easy is it to operate Jump Jockey Profits?

It couldn’t be simpler. Get up, go to your computer and open the email from me. Inside you will find a list of the day’s qualifiers and my detailed advice on how to bet them.

Take a few minutes to place your bets and your ‘work’ is done. You can go about your business safe in the knowledge that Jump Jockey Profits is working for you throughout the day. All that remains is to quickly check the racing results in the evening and collect your winnings! It’s as simple as that.!

So, remember, this is what you can have…  


Regular big priced winners


Time placing bets reduced to just a few minutes a day


Profitable angles that are being constantly monitored and reviewed


The selections and staking advice straight to your inbox every morning


A complete ‘portfolio’ of ultra profitable betting angles

That’s an excellent package, I hope you’ll agree…


I have put a great deal of thought into what to charge and how to structure what I’m offering you in Jump Jockey Profits. I’ve created a comprehensive manual that spells out in great detail more than 20 of these ultra-profitable angles giving you all of the details you need to find the selections and place your bets. But that’s not all. Alongside the manual you can access a service that finds the selections for you and delivers them straight to your inbox every day.


I have seen single systems selling for well in excess of 100. Take into account that with Jump Jockey Profits you are not getting one system. You’re getting more than twenty profit-grabbing angles. I think 197 would be an absolute snip of a price. The time and effort that has gone into researching these angles is worth far more than that alone. If I break down the research into the number of hours I committed to it, at 197 you would be paying me at a rate of less than 50p an hour.

Even though I say so myself, that seems like chicken feed.


Believe me, I know what I am doing with this stuff. I have produced profits from my betting every year for the past nine years and for the last four it’s been my primary source of income. The research I have here is absolutely top quality.


But Jump Jockey Profits won’t cost you 197... won’t even cost you 147...


I’ve decided to price Jump Jockey profits in such a way that as many people as possible can get to see the results of my research without over-committing themselves financially.


The package I am offering includes:


  • The Jump Jockey Profits manual consisting of more than 20 carefully researched ultra profitable Jump Jockey angles


  • One month’s membership to the subscription service that takes all the hard work out of actually finding the selections. The service will do all this work for you. All you will have to do is open the email and collect the selections!


And of course pick up your winnings later...


And what is your investment for this amazing winner-finding manual and one month’s subscription to the selection finding service?...



Yes, you read that right, just a single quid gets you in...


You’ll receive the manual and the first month’s subscription for a pound and if you want to receive ongoing access to the selections sent to you each day, no problem. Do nothing, and you’ll get just that for only 27 a month.


If you simply want the manual, and are happy to find the qualifiers each day yourself, no problem. Just unsubscribe at any time during that first month, and you’ll never pay more than that single, solitary pound.




Obviously, I would love to make this offer available to everyone but I will have to monitor member numbers to ensure they don’t have a negative impact on the ongoing prices of our selections. With that in mind, I feel I need to reserve the right to close this promotion at any time without warning. I’m sure you understand the reasons for this, and I don’t really want to labour the point.


Because of the massive level of interest in this offer, it’s highly likely that I will hit my preferred member levels within a few days. In fact, there’s a good chance that if you don’t get in today, you will have missed your chance.


Enough said.


Let’s recap. For just 1, you’ll receive:


  • The full Jump Jockey Profits manual available as an instant download


  • One month’s access to the member service which finds the selections for you and mails them out to you everyday


  • My ongoing expertise in monitoring, refining and optimising the profit–grabbing angles included in the manual


Reserve your place now by clicking the 'Get it now!' button below.


I think that covers everything you need to know, and all that remains now is for me to thank you for taking the time to read this letter and wish you the very best of luck in your betting, whatever you decide.


Be Lucky


Kieran Ward

Jump Jockey Profits

P.S. Remember, Jump Jockey Profits reveals the “little-known angles” that would have won you 144,525 in the last 3 years


P.P.S. This offer is liable to be withdrawn without notice to prevent overexposure and to responsibly protect the interests of those who act quickly. Order now to avoid disappointment.


P.P.P.S. After your initial month’s subscription for a pound, your recurring payment of 27 a month equates to just 90p a day.


Less than the price of a racing paper is amazingly cheap for my expertise and experience, especially considering I will be spending an average of more than an hour a day finding and posting the selections.


Alternatively, lock in even greater value up front, and take advantage of my special one-off time-limited offer of six months’ subscription for a fully-inclusive price of 97 (with a one month no questions asked money back guarantee. If there is anything about the manual, the selections service or even my face that you don’t like – tell me and I’ll give you your 97 back. The manual of course will be yours to keep)


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